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Jessie Pyne lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and works as an Early Childhood Educator. She has been writing since the age of fourteen and has always found inspiration in the mystical and unexplained. She lives with her cat Simon and her collection of one hundred and six dragon stuffies and statues.




The Dreamwing Trilogy

 If Kazel hadn’t been dying she wouldn’t have been late for work.

If Thorn hadn’t lost his father he wouldn’t have been out in the storm.

If Randi hadn’t snuck into the house she wouldn’t have run into those dragons,

And if Tessa hadn’t angered her mother she wouldn’t have been lost in a unknown world wearing a ball gown.

Dreamwing is where myths are  born and legends breathe. Those who dream of it may come to know it, but be wary dreamer, those myths have teeth and the legends a darkness. Come and find adventure, but the world of Dreamwing shows no mercy to those who underestimate it.


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Happily ever after is a myth, and anyone who believes otherwise is kidding themselves.

After leaving her best friend behind in Dreamwing, Randi is losing hope of ever returning there. She’s no hero, and everything she does ends in disaster. Trapped on Earth, with Excalibur rusting under her bed, Randi is forced to face the terrible reality of a world where she never truly fit—without magic and, worst of all, without Tessa.


Fortunately, not all damsels need to be rescued.






 Kazel den’Leafshade is no stranger to grief. In the aftermath of Tessa’s foolish sacrifice, it is all Kazel can do to hold her friends together. However, a vengeful ghost is still determined to reclaim his throne and the dragons known as the Vyrezi are still looking for their pound of flesh. It is becoming clear that the power of Excalibur will not be enough to save this quest.










The Dreamwing Trilogy Book One

Kazel den’ Leafshade is dying. That would have been inconvenient in itself, for a high ranking elfin enchanter in a kingdom of dragon overlords. However, when Kazel discovers that there may be a cure on the mainland, she finds herself fleeing her island home, only to literally crash into a human girl in the middle of a barren wasteland. Her name is Tessa, she’s from Earth, and as Kazel soon discovers, she isn’t the only one.

The world of Dreamwing didn’t ask for a hero, and even if it had, no one in their right mind would expect a fifteen-year-old to save their world.