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Lance grew up in Nepean, Ottawa. Where he lived with his father, Rae Chalmers, an accomplished singer and musician, and his mother, Anne Chalmers, an employee at The Indigenous Bar Association in Ottawa. From a young age, Lance was exposed to music and soon followed in his father’s footsteps and developed a passion to play music, primarily the drums.


Since then, he has mastered his craft and has played in many iconic bands. He has been featured on TV shows such as, It’s a Living, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and The West Coast Music Awards. This year Lance was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame with the iconic Canadian classic rock band, Trooper.


He currently resides in BC where he teaches guitar, bass, and drums. On the weekends, Lance plays gigs with numerous bands. Also, he is often commissioned as a session percussionist for various artists worldwide.

An avid reader and blogger, Lance looks forward to adding author to his long list of artistic endeavors.

 Tribute video to Eddie Van Halen, Lance Chalmers on Drums.




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There are worse places to live than the rez. Still, family distractions make it almost impossible for Ray Smith and his three bandmates to rehearse every day. So, fresh from high school, the four move to Wakeville, Manitoba to pursue their passion for music.


A half-year later, gigs come fast and thick, with the group touring the northern province. However, too much partying and fighting leads to a bitter split between the band and their volatile bass player, Butch. Bad luck and sabotage from Butch causes gigs to dwindle, and with encouragement from his best friend and guitarist, Ray decides to join a new, well-known band, where his music career takes off. Soon he’s recognized on the street, has spots on TV, and back home he’s hailed a hero.


But success has a dark underbelly. A girl goes missing, and Ray’s loved ones are terrorized by a faceless, vengeful stalker. The question isn’t the culprit’s identity—Ray’s almost positive he knows who’s responsible. But stopping the killer before someone else is murdered…that’s a whole other story.