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New Series: The Night Life

The Night Life series are fun, sensual, romance-filled stories set in Arizona. Rebecca, Trisha, Scarlet, and Rayna are single career women searching for their Mr. Right in local nightclubs and neighborhood bars. While each woman seeks someone to fulfill their desire for a happily ever after, they discover true happiness comes from within. And sometimes, finding out that a chance meeting can become a forever love.

Each book is a stand-alone, delightfully entertaining story with a bit of humor, some heat-filled nights, and a satisfying ending.





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Trisha Thompson had never envisioned herself in the world of racehorses, yet here she was, the beneficiary of Icy Tears, a promising two-year-old Thoroughbred. As an overachieving, intelligent woman, her pragmatic mind instantly saw this as a golden business opportunity. But soon, Trisha found herself mixed up with an elite social circle, high-stakes gamblers, and an attractive horse trainer that she couldn’t stop thinking about. Now, she questions her choices. After all, her number one rule is don’t mix business with pleasure.


Colton McKenna was living his dream as a racehorse trainer, finding fulfillment and purpose working closely with these majestic animals. But his world was turned upside down when the owner of Icy Tears unexpectedly passed away. And when the new owner shows up at the barn wearing four-inch heels and a know-it-all attitude, he recognizes trouble. Now Colton has two choices: either he honors his contract to work with the horse he’s already bonded with, or he can tell her to hire another trainer. But when the spunky lady reveals her vulnerable side, he can’t fight his desire to protect her, even if it means breaking promises he’d vowed to keep secret.


Trisha and Colton’s story is a spicy romance tangled in the high-stakes world of horse racing. Two strong-willed individuals find themselves in a collision course of emotions and ambitions, navigating a challenging path filled with unexpected turns and difficult choices.



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Rebecca Prentice has always been the obedient daughter of a political figure. It’s hard being perfect―and boring. It’s time for a change. So, when her girlfriends plan to check out local bars using different personas, Rebecca calls herself Reb and goes looking for fun. But when she meets a bad-boy musician in a biker bar, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.


Mick has a secret. He doesn’t live on the wild side. However, if that’s what it takes to keep the beautiful and exciting Reb in his life, this straight-arrow tax attorney is ready to take her on the ride of her life.

But what happens when the truth comes out?