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Terri Richards has lived in Arizona for much of her life. However, she loves to travel, seeing new places and meeting people of different cultures and countries. When she cannot do that in person, Terri can always find a fascinating place to go in books, which may be why she is such an avid reader. 


Terri really enjoys writing about romance because she's sure the world is a better place when it's filled with love.


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 Samantha is short on cash, long on unpaid college loans, and tired of taking one temporary job after another just to get by. But her new temp job and the drop-dead gorgeous boss who comes with it are about to upend everything Samantha thinks she knows about life, love, and reality TV romance. 


Romance is a Hollywood specialty. But sometimes the best love story isn't the one being filmed in front of the camera.  It's the one going on behind the scenes.  Looking for Love is a delightful Happily Ever After!  Author Gail Roughton