Imagination is essential for a writer.” This is Janet Lane Walters motto for her writing career. How did this come about? The honing of her imagination began when she was four years old and received her first library card. A further help came from the summer nights on the front porch of one of the row houses where she lived. There were no streetlights. This was during World War 2. The neighborhood gang often sat and told round robin stories, mostly ghosts but also those of daring do if their town was invaded. This morphed into writing plays to be produced for their parents and held in a garage. Time went on and other interests took place. Janet went to school to become a nurse. Her instructors liked her case studies but they also remarked the presence of emotion and descriptions of people and houses as really not needed. She graduated, found a job as a nurse and married. Then a case of pneumonia happened. She couldn’t work and she’d read all the library books she had borrowed on the way home. A shopping bag full of nurse romances and other books sent by her sister-in-law kept her occupied. After reading the third of these books, she decided the writers knew nothing about medicine and hospitals. She would write her own books. She found and studied books on writing and finally began with short stories. Her first story sold in 1968 and featured a nurse and a dying patient. She continued this occupation as well as having children to raise. Then an editor sent a rejection of a story with these words. “This sounds like a synopsis for a novel. Something new to learn and she again his the books on writing and also reading books by American authors from the early to the latest. Her first novel after many rejections and helpful suggestions from the editors doing the rejection, in 1972, her first novel was published. She has gone on to have penned fifty or more novels, novellas and several non-fiction books. Ahe lives in the Hudson Valley. Janet has four children, one an adopted biracial daughter and seven grandchildren, four black and three Chinese.

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In Seppal, the prophecy has been heard and the Three and Three are awaited.

Ranal’s dead mam once told him one day he would learn why he had been born. He has found two companions, boys like himself who have no home and become seaweed gatherers like he has been. His two friends are developing strange skills. He can see no change in himself but he desires a sword. Then they will be three, Seer, Healer and Warrior


Amera returns to the clan after spending the summer with the king windsteed stallion and six yearlings. What she finds is the slaughtered herd and also the clan. Only one person remains barely alive and tells her Bethera, her cousin and almost sister has been taken by the priestesses and their guards. Not knowing what to do, Amera follows the king stallion to a sheltered glen and a huge cave complex. When the stallion calls her, she follows him to the priestesses’ keep and manages to rescue her cousin and another young girl. During the next few years, her friends develop talents and are becoming the Seer and the Healer. Amera wants to become the warrior but she can’t imagine how she can gain a sword.


Now the Three and Three must join to bring justice, healing, order and change to Seppal.





(Meet retired nurse and amateur detective Katherine and her Maine Coon Cat Robespierre. We're so sure you'll fall in love with this wonderful cozy mystery series, that we've made the first book permanently FREE)

Katherine is a retired nurse and a retired church organist. The small Hudson River village where she lives in her Victorian “Painted Lady” makes her the neighborhood matriarch. Along with her Maine Coon Cat Robespierre, she guards friends and families.

When amoral Rachel moves into the first floor apartment of Katherine’s house, trouble erupts. The murder weapon is one she recognizes and makes her fear for her friends and family. Finding the killer becomes her goal.