Craig is a history and literature teacher in small town Saskatchewan. He and his wife enjoy solving world problems over a glass of wine with friends. They spend considerable time in the whirlwind of their children’s activities. Craig likes a good book when time permits, and he will pick at his guitar when no one is around to hear.









In the spring of 1877, Chief Sitting Bull leads his Lakota people north to safety, in the Wood Mountain region of the North-West Territories. The People seek security and sustenance. They seek a home to call their own.


As Sitting Bull’s people travel north, an inept homesteader called Otto goes south. Unskilled with a rifle and uninformed in the arena of politics, Ott wouldn’t know a Lakota Sioux from a Blackfoot. He is oblivious to the American army’s pursuit of the Sioux peoples. Only one thing is clear to the bumbling homesteader: the need to transport his granpappy’s corpse across the border to its eternal resting place, alongside dear departed Granny.

Nothing short of death will prevent Ott from taking this journey.







A frail old man who ritually mutilates himself. A hermit hag who finally emerges from her den. The opportunity to escape an unhappy home life and delve into a small town mystery: how could Davis Halden resist?


It is 1957 when young Davis sees something he wasn’t meant to see. The vision is disturbing. He cannot shake it from his thoughts. As Davis is pulled into a web of long-held secrets, he enlists the help of his older sister to unravel the clues. What they discover will have life-changing consequences for those whom Davis holds dear.