Alison Lohans began making up stories when she was five, and knew at age nine that her calling was to be a writer. Born and raised in Reedley, California, she did her undergraduate work at Whittier College and California State University, Los Angeles. Soon afterwards, she immigrated to Canada in 1971 with her late husband. They spent five years in British Columbia (where her husband completed his Ph.D., and Alison earned her Postgraduate Diploma in Elementary Education while working as a pharmacy assistant). They then moved to Regina, Saskatchewan.

Over the decades since Alison's first YA novel was published by Scholastic Canada in 1983, she has published 26 books for young people with Canadian and international presses. These books range from picture books, early chapter books, middle-grade novels, and on up to mature YA novels. Her YA novel This Land We Call Home (Pearson Education New Zealand, 2007) won the 2008 Saskatchewan Book Award for YA fiction, and many of her other books have been finalists for provincial, national, and international awards. Alison has done over a thousand readings of her works in schools and libraries across Canada, and still loves connecting with readers in this way.

Egypt! What better place to break free of painful ruts and crippling memories of two disastrous first marriages?


Megan, a blocked mystery writer, signs on for a tour of this ancient world of temples, pyramids and pharaohs, desperately needing to re-create herself in the aftermath of the suicide of her emotionally abusive husband. She no longer needs a man in her life…she thinks….


Daniel, a professor and church music director, signs on for a tour of Egypt at the end of his sabbatical in Oxford. He loved his mentally-ill ex-wife, and still can’t understand why she left him all those years ago, taking their daughter with her.


Two kindred spirits meet overseas and keep finding new common ground, a growing attraction…and hidden secrets…as they visit Cairo and Luxor, then board a cruise ship on the Nile. But it’s not all glamor. Mummies look grisly; vendors are aggressive; and women are regarded as second-class citizens. Screams punctuate the night as memories surface in nightmares, and a nearby hot air balloon crash triggers more trauma. And who’d ever guess that the mentally-ill ex might show up on the same cruise ship, clearly no longer taking the medications that kept her stable? And that she even seems to want Daniel back…right when Megan and Daniel are discovering a new love that’s helping them learn to trust again.




Kara’s vengeful con-man ex-husband has left her with a mountain of fraudulent debt – and now he’s begun stalking her, too! What is a hardworking elementary school teacher to do, simply to stay afloat, let alone trust someone new? Is Kara even safe?

Peter is still grieving the deaths of his beloved wife and daughter. Even so, his self-pitying widowed mother keeps escalating her unreasonable demands. Meanwhile, Peter’s stand partner in the symphony comes on to him, although he’s tried hard to make it clear that he’s not interested – in anyone.

When Kara slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a stray dog and Peter rear-ends her, an unexpected and unwelcome attraction begins to flare.


Review:  "This love story is beautiful. These two people are real. Past experiences have made them skittish. They are attracted to each other, but they are afraid of being hurt or of imposing their own burdens on each other. Yet they work through it all, gradually and realistically, separately, and--most important of all--as a couple. When they come together at the end, the reader can be pretty sure that they belong together and that they will stay together and be happy--they and their dogs!"  Mary Balogh, New York Times Bestselling author of Regency romances