S.L. Carlson loves being outdoors more than in. She has climbed mountains, swum in oceans, and crossed deserts with her two boys and husband. She has rounded up cattle, escaped wildfires, hidden from tornadoes, and had encounters with wild boar, rattle snakes, and seed ticks. It took her twenty minutes to bait her first fishing hook with a very dry worm, but only a day and a half to learn to ride a motorcycle and pass the tests – in the rain. She has helped build houses in Iowa and Michigan, painted an orphanage in Mexico, sung in assisted living residents, and cleared debris in Louisiana after a hurricane. S.L. is first a storyteller, but has been writing ever since she wrote on her first lilac leaves as a kid with a stick. Besides a family-comes-first motto, S. L. is a former teacher who may or may not have seen mythical creatures while alone in the woods.

You can find her with links to her social media pages at:

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How can a 15-year-old magician expect to rescue his family and king when no one else is willing to? Aldric and the war unicorn Neighbor must find and rejoin the remnant of the Farhner army, but to reach them, they need to travel through enemy territory with their only companions a band of thieves.

 The Farhner general is more interested in self-preservation than in saving the king and other Farhnerians. He commands Rick to work on the Bottoms' wall where the other outcasts live. Aldric is not the only one frustrated with the general’s inaction to rescue. Desertion is out of the question, yet so is doing nothing to save their king and country.

 Are thieves and a handful of magicians enough to hide and heal a healing unicorn? And what about the ghosts King Segan told Rick to bring? Worst yet, Rick must confront his nemesis, the witch Alyse. Is there any hope for Farhner?





ric is content working in his family’s apple orchard—or as content as a fourteen-year-old-boy can be doing chores

and dreaming up new magic—when he digs up an antique ring and releases a rude spell-bound unicorn. She claims she belongs to the king, but after her long imprisonment, she can’t tell Aldric which king that might be. Aldric promises to take her to the capital, and suddenly a simple three-day trip becomes an adventure.

 War is building on his country’s borders, and even with the help of Aldric’s new friend Iggy, and Gwen, the general’s daughter, it’s going to take all the military sword training, courage, and magic Aldric has to find the unicorn’s rightful king. Promises will be made, the bonds of family and friendship will be tested, with a war which changes everything.

 Can an apple farmer and one rude war unicorn save the country from the approaching enemy?


Dragon Princess,

Aldric and his arch-enemy Thram have less than a month to discover if other unicorns exist before the unicorn war wish is needed to protect their country from the magician Alyse and the Spikonians.


They travel further than any of their countrymen, to Amythical@ City Brandt, where they hear of a dragon who might have the answers they seek. But knowledge of the dragon’s last location comes at a price: find the lost Brandt princess, or even news of herYor forfeit their lives.


Aldric, Thram, and the unicorn Neighbor find the dragon, but can they get the information they need from her—both about other unicorns and the missing princess?



15-year-old Ricky discovers from his companion, Thram, the Spikonians are invading their homeland. Transforming with the war unicorn, Neighbor, into one warrior-unicorn-man, they complete the two-week journey to the capital in just two days, only to discover it in ruins. Searching the rubble of his family’s home, Ricky reads part of a magic spell. As he speaks, the boy standing nearby sprouts a wing and collapses. Furious with Aldric’s irresponsible use of magic, Neighbor leaves him.

Separated from the unicorn for the first time in over a year, Unicorn Keeper Ricky, refocuses and determines to set his family free, as well as all the captured citizens. However, Ricky’s plans change to urgency when he discovers the witch-magician Alyse seeks to kill his mother. He is only able to rescue a few family members, including his Spikonian brother-in-law, Drake. The clash between Ricky and Drake becomes more than about race, providing for emotionally packed dialogue with actions of love and hate, of family and singleness, of aloneness and belonging.

The war unicorn rejoins them to add her counsel. Ricky and Neighbor mend their fragile relationship as they journey through wilderness encounters with nature and mythical creatures.

 In the meantime, castle-raised Lord Thram was given the responsibility of returning and protecting the dragon-raised Princess Celeste, missing for fourteen years. The feral princess is anything but civilized. But when the king’s consort, Lady Katrina, denies Thram palace entrance, he slips into his old habit of sneaking in the shadows where he discovers plots and deceptions.

 Can Ricky and Thram complete their goals to once more unite in fighting evil?