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Jenna Byrnes 18+
Jenna Byrnes 18+


Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read.

Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favorite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is “Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.”

For the latest news, visit Jenna on Facebook:

Or find her website by clicking the banner below!

Erotic Romance for Readers 18+ Please

What She Wants

For the first time in one specially priced boxed set, Jenna Byrnes brings you thirteen novellas of steamy m/f romance and romantic suspense! 

These women know what they want and go after it. While they don’t expect happily ever after, somehow it manages to find them. Warning: Smoking hot content and happy endings ahead!

Contains the stories:

A Cup of Sugar (wife swapping, swinging)
No Regrets (class reunion hook-ups)
Change of Plans (sex with a stranger)
One Good Outcome (spanking, fem-dom)
Fight or Flight (futuristic)
Deep Obsessions (m/m/f ménage)
Let the Sunshine In (m/m/f ménage)
Love, LeAnn (romantic suspense)
One Hot Cayman Night (f/m/f ménage)
Sweet Reunion (paranormal)
Saving Grace (paranormal)
Windfall (romantic suspense)
Dreams of Dani (romantic suspense)

“There’s a lot going on here with the dynamics between the couples. Do not let this one pass you by!” ~ Acquanetta Ferguson, the Erotica and Romance Books Examiner

"Jenna Byrnes’ erotic suspense leaves you hanging on, waiting for more as you wonder if good can win over the evils that people face every day. If you are looking for a little spice with your suspense, this book is for you." ~ Wendi, Fallen Angel Reviews



Hot Under the Collar

Seven complete novellas and one short story at a very special low price. British Bulldog of Rainbow Reviews says, “Can’t wait for the next m/m story from this talented writer!”

Jenna Byrnes writes page scorching erotic gay romance and romantic suspense with happy endings. Prepare to be blown away!  

This set contains: 

Nothing But Trouble
Play it Again, Sam
Stocking Stuffers
Heads or Tails
Chasing Marty
What Happens in Vegas
A Vegas New Year
, a follow up vignette to What Happens in Vegas
Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze

(Note: Contains graphic M/M erotic romance)

Nothing But Trouble: Adrian Scott doesn't expect to fall in love with his employer after spending one night with him. Graham Elliott is handsome and exciting, a very wealthy man, not in Adrian's league. Their night together was intoxicating, and Adrian can't shake the thought of making a life with this older man. As per their arrangement, they have two more nights together. Will that be enough time to convince his boss they belong together, or will the deal prove to be nothing but trouble?  

Play it Again, Sam: Sam Merit spends his afternoons watching Casablanca at the local theatre. Recently laid off from his job, he'd rather hide in a dark auditorium than face a daunting job search. With one eye on Bogart and the other on a handsome theater employee, he doesn't mind viewing the same film day after day. Marc Phillips doesn't have great aspirations. Running the projection booth at an old fashioned, run-down theater makes him happy. When he meets Sam he discovers there might be more to life than movie screen fantasies, if he can open his heart to the possibilities.

Stocking Stuffers: Ben Mercer is comfortable with his life in tiny Mabel, Oklahoma. He's got a good job, nice friends, a loving family and a dog who lets him believe he's the boss. Everything that a man could want--almost. Dean Caldwell wasn't happy living in the small town, and moved away as soon as he could. He's back for the holidays, with the idea of dragging Ben off to the city with him. Ben's insistent about staying, and sparks fly between the two men, in more ways than one. 

Heads or Tails: Jeff Roberts' life is all planned out for him. He's engaged to the boss's daughter, and eventually he'll run the construction/real estate company he works for. It'll be the perfect life. When Kurt Lacey joins the construction crew, Jeff is suddenly fighting urges he'd forced himself to repress. There were male lovers in his past, but deciding that wasn't what he wanted, Jeff proceeded to 'go straight'. Kurt has other ideas, and one night together has Jeff rethinking his life. Does he want to be secure, responsible and boring? Wild, exciting and nontraditional seems like lots more fun. It all comes down to the flip of a coin—and whether Jeff chooses heads or tails.

Chasing Marty: Newly transplanted Seattle resident Martin Benson is on a sight-seeing tour of museums and the Space Needle when he meets handsome, heavily tattooed Chase Reed. They hit it off and Chase offers to show Marty his Seattle: grunge rock and good times. The men are total opposites, with only one thing in common, an intense attraction to each other, which culminates in a weekend of white hot passion. Desperate to hang on to the new relationship, Martin attempts to change wild and crazy Chase into someone more responsible. Will he be able to give Chase the space he needs, and somehow strike a balance?  

What Happens in Vegas: In Vegas on a week-long business trip, attorney Steve Elliot isn’t as interested in buxom strippers as his co-workers, Jake and Dylan, seem to be. Steve has other interests and at the first opportunity, leaves the strip club for a nearby gay bar. To his surprise Dylan follows him there, hoping for a chance to get Steve alone. After a quick battle with his conscience about dating a co-worker, Steve relents and goes back to the hotel with the younger, sexy man. Their night of passion ends abruptly as Dylan’s past comes back to haunt him in Sin City. Will Steve and Jake be forced to pay the price for Dylan’s prior indiscretions? 

Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze: Big X, little x, question mark, dot. The child's rhyme runs through Lucas Sinclair's mind. He can still feel the light play of his sister's fingers across his back, dancing along to the words. Unsettling, considering his twin, Laurie, was abducted fifteen years earlier and never heard from again. Ocean breeze, little squeeze. In a small, ocean-side cottage that shouldn't be filled with memories, Lucas attempts to start a new life. It's harder than he expects to move on. Indications are that Laurie has returned and isn't the carefree child she used to be.  With a therapist trying to help him, and a private investigator who can't seem to let go of the past, Lucas confronts his demons. He's not sure where his sexy next-door neighbor fits in, but Tristan Conner seems to know a lot more than he's telling. Someone is terrorizing Lucas. Can it really be Laurie—or worse yet, one of the three men he's come to trust?

"I really liked the sex scenes (in Heads or Tails) - very, hot. They are explicit and include men with men and rear door activity."  ~  Jane Stewart, Amazon, 4 Stars

“Jenna Byrnes delivers action and suspense in What Happens in Vegas.” ~ Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews, 4.5 Nymphs

“A sweet treat from Jenna Byrnes and there is nothing to complain about ….the story starts off with a scenario that drags me in and before I knew it – I was caught up in the drama that was evolving one night in Vegas. The pace was fast and the language edgy and the combination made the book quiet a read. This is clearly where Ms. Byrnes excels, she certainly knows how to pack a story into a few pages and I was loving What Happens in Vegas.” ~ 4 Stars, EH on Books and More
“What Happens in Vegas is very entertaining and totally enjoyable.” ~ Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

“Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze was something phenomenal. The characters are fully fleshed out and the storyline, while suspenseful, is also an erotic love story. The sex between Lucas and Eli is brutal and disconnected, yet when Lucas and Tristan get together you can ‘feel’ the true emotions between them. This book gets a 5 out of 5 and 3 flames. This reviewer continues to be impressed by Ms. Byrnes’ books and this latest one does not disappoint.” ~ Acquanetta Ferguson, the Erotica and Romance Books Examiner

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: “This is a sweet romance that has a nostalgia feel to the writing, setting, and characters. For any fans that like a bit of classic charm mixed with modern, incredibly hot erotica this will satisfy you.” ~ Kassa ~ Rainbow Reviews

"NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is a great outing by Jenna Byrnes; the wealth of emotions condensed in this short story definitely highlights this author as a superb storyteller." ~ 5 Blue Ribbons, Jhayboy, Romance Junkies Reviews 

Slippery When Wet

From authors Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes: Slippery When Wet, the complete boxed set

**The bestselling m/m series is now available in one boxed set for a special low price**

Contains the novellas:

Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin’ on a Prayer
Never Say Goodbye
I'd Die For You
and includes the bonus novella set, Willing and Able

(Note: Contains graphic M/M erotic romance)

Wanted Dead or Alive: Released from Corcoran State Prison, Dan Radisson never intends to go back. He's working his twelve steps when he meets Trey Wallace meets at an AA meeting. Trey knows exactly what he wants, but questions whether the newly freed man is ready for what he has in mind. When Dan witnesses a homicide and runs from the scene like he did in the past, suddenly he's a wanted man. Dan must either solve the crime or risk returning
to the place he dreads the most--the prison that changed his life.

Livin’ on a Prayer: Logan White is released from prison after serving eight years in Corcoran for his part in a B & E where a man was killed. Enter Reverend Shane Grayson, a gay man of the cloth who helps find Logan a job, but that turns into a horror story. Can the two lovers find a way to be together or will the underbelly of society win this battle?

Never Say Goodbye
: Damien Hall got by with street wiles until he ended up in Corcoran State Prison. Five years later, he's living with a man who only wants him for one thing, nightly hot sex. But he's off the streets, and Damien thinks the trade-off is worth it. Travis Slater wrangles horses for a living, and wants to wrangle Damien in his off hours. Damien isn't so sure, and is terrified at the thought of being homeless again. When his employer admits the real reason Damien was hired, it's decision time. Do what's easy or do what's right? Only Damien can decide.

I'd Die For You: Snake Thompson is out of Corcoran and looking for revenge. He meets and falls for Abel, a lusty blond guy who winds up quitting his job and tagging along. Can the two of them find the truth and clear Snake's name, or will drugs and money send them both to the grave?

Willing and Able: Colt Willing never expected to be a key player in a drug-running operation. Before he can get out, he's determined to release the hold the organization has on Jonathan, the man he's grown to love. Jonathan has ties that bind him to drug-lord Nigel Caprice, and breaking the bonds may prove too difficult for Willing to tackle alone.

Detective D.J. Able is determined to bring Caprice to his knees. Backed by his partner, Bryan Stokes, Able and his team are out for justice, and retribution for the loss of one of their own. When push comes to shove, Able discovers that even the best laid plans sometimes go astray, and the men end up in a fight for their very lives.

"These are two awesome writers that have combined their skills together. The drama builds with each paragraph you read. Wanting to know what happens will drive you to the end. These two authors play very well together. You will see how all sides of the law collide and how things get done. I commend these ladies for a job well done. The stories complimented each other very well." ~ Cecile, Night Owl Reviews, Reviewer's Top Pick

"This is an excellent mystery with suspense and eroticism that keeps it fast moving." ~ 5 Hearts, Dee, The Romance Studio

“5 Angels!" ~ April, Fallen Angel Reviews

"This book gets a ‘recommended to buy’ for being such a good story. Don't let this one pass you by!" ~ Acquanetta Ferguson, the San Diego Erotica Examiner

“5 Stars.” ~ Elisa’s Reviews

Darkness on the Edge of Town

The Best Selling Series is now available in one specially priced boxed set!

Dancing in the Dark: Detective Nick D'Amato has always been content with his lack-of-commitment love life. For a gay cop in the don't ask-don't tell N.Y.P.D., free and easy always seemed the least complicated route. William, the new man in his life, has Nick rethinking his priorities. Both men are stubborn, neither willing to compromise, until a serial slasher enters their lives. A growing stack of dead bodies has the police running in circles, sending Nick and Will into a nightmare that could change their lives forever.  

Born To Run: Detective Sam Nielson has always been a casual, no strings type of guy. He loves New York City and the diversity of men it offers him. He also loves his job in South Bronx's forty-first precinct, affectionately nicknamed 'Fort Apache' for its violent history. Sam's caught off guard when handsome detective Bobby Rodriguez transfers to Fort Apache. The two are immediately thrown together on a high profile murder investigation. Their fast brewing passion makes concentrating on work difficult. But first they have to survive the murderer they're been tracking, who's now after them. 

Hungry Heart: Captain Gil Gates is a proud member of the N.Y.P.D. and enjoys his position running a North Bronx precinct. When an incident with grave repercussions rocks the department and the whole community, Gil’s otherwise spotless record is suddenly in jeopardy. Brian Knight is Channel Nine’s star news reporter, following the most exciting story the Bronx has seen in quite some time. In his line of work as in Gil’s, being gay no big deal unless someone finds out about it. Brian offers something the department can’t—something that’s been missing from Gil’s life for too long. If only he can clear his name, and solve a double homicide while he’s at it.

(Note: Contains graphic M/M erotic romance and some mild BDSM)

"Ms. Byrnes builds the suspense in the story masterfully, and by the climax the tension is so tight that it might just snap. This reader was glued until the very end, which is most definitely a good thing." ~ Whitney, Fallen Angel Reviews 

"The talented Jenna Byrnes creates a story of romance and suspense that is both sensual and realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting dark tale." ~ Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews 

"The writing is very good, the plot is interesting and the sex is hot. The characters feel like real people, and the plot is nicely paced." ~ Ivy, Manic Readers Reviews 

"Jenna Byrnes gives us a well-crafted tale of friendship, suspense, and romance for three fortyish policemen. This is a well done, easily read tale of male bonding." ~ Dee, The Romance Studio









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