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Books We Love romance author Jane Toombs


Jane Toombs lived on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula wilderness. She passed away on March 5, 2014.  During her lifetime she produced over ninety novels and twenty-five novellas. She was published in every genre except men’s action and erotica, but paranormal was her favorite. Most of Jane’s works were published during the heyday of the mainstream press. Tired of the restrictions, Jane was one of the pioneers of electronic publishing and with the permission of Jane’s son Robert Jamison, Jane’s works will continue to be published by Books We Love for the enjoyment of future readers.
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  Savage Beauty

A beautiful young woman accompanies her soldier father to a fort in Indian country, where she in transformed from a naive, spoiled child into a woman capable of fighting for her life when she is taken prisoner by a renegade indian.

Valerie falls in love with one of Custer's soldiers, and nothing will stop her search for her beloved after the terrible massacre that left all but a very few dead.

A well-researched story that takes the reader inside the personal lives of men and women who lived, loved and died during the events leading up to and following Custer's last stand.
Bride of the Baja

Alitha is aboard her father's ship, heading to the Sandwich Islands where she plans to marry Thomas, a minister. After surviving the wreck of her father's ship, Alitha is cast adrift on a uninhabited island off the Pacific coast. Rescued eventually, first by Indians and then Esteban, a Californio (which is what the Spanish settlers were called). Believing herself in love with him, she travels with him to Mexico.

Meanwhile Jordan's ship is captured by pirates and, since his bride-to-be, Esteban's sister, is aboard, he loses both bride (she kills herself) and ship. He's cast adrift in Mexico. Thomas, hearing of the wreck of the Flying Yankee, also winds up in Mexico, searching for Alitha. The pirates are refurbishing their two ships in Mexico--like the other characters, in the Baja peninsula. Will Alitha be captured by the pirates? And, in the end, which man will she choose to marry?

All America went crazy when gold was discovered in California in 1849, Which explains why the characters in Gold! act as they do. Life was far from normal in Hangtown or even San Francisco. Will Pamela and Selena, mother and daughter, ever find true love in this mad time?
Love's Odyssey

This is the story of a sixteen-year-old American girl who is orphaned when her father dies and she is sent to live with her English uncle. Unfortunately he falls out of favor with the king and is killed. This is where she meets Adrien who saves her from a dire fate by taking her to Holland to live with her mother’s sisters.

They sail to Java on the same ship, but Rommel and Adrien are fated to be torn apart again and again. She has only her courage and her beauty to keep her alive—and her impossible love for Adrien. He never gives up searching for her, even after she is abducted by a Chinese pirate and taken to Amoy. He’ll need all his ability as a swordsman to survive long enough to rescue her.

This is truly an odyssey for Rommel and Adrien as he keeps losing her and must set off to find her once more. Travel is by Dutch East India ship, by junk and by raft.

Creole Hearts

In 1803, the Louisiana Territory was in a turmoil. Spain was ceding this territory back to the France because the United States had offered to let them keep Florida. So the French flag was once again being raised to the joy of the Creoles. But Tanguay La Branche knew the joy would be brief since he was aware this was only part of a deal where President Jefferson would now buy the Louisiana Territory from France. Once they belonged to the United States what would become of the Creoles?

Previously published as "The Creoles"

Curse of Black Tor

A psychiatric nurse hopes to leave her disastrous past behind by taking a position as a caretaker for a troubled young woman on Vancouver Island. She never dreams she’s placed herself in terrible danger.

"This story hooked me in and kept me guessing till the very end. A great, fast read when you have a couple hours to kill. Reminds me of the style of the other gothic greats: Victoria Holt, Phyllis A. Whitney, Barabara Michaels, Velda Johnston, etc. Worth the read!" ~ 5 Stars, Shipper Amazon Verified Purchase

The Outlaws

One decent man, an attractive young woman, and a teen-aged boy obsessed with a legendary bad man--all caught in the crossfire of the West’s bloodiest range war. 

After Billy the Kid and Mark Halloran rescue what’s left of the Nesbitt family from an Apache attack in the New Mexico Territory, the fate of the young daughter and the teen-age boy are sealed. Tessa’s attracted to Mark and Ezra suffers a severe cause of hero-worship over Billy, wanting to be just like him. Soon all of them are involved in the cruelest range war in the history of the West--the bloody Lincoln County war. How can Tessa protect her brother from trailing after Billy? And how can she be drawn to a man who is on the opposite side of this range war?

Mountain Moonlight

Vala, now a divorcee, and her young son, Davis, arrive in Phoenix, Arizona, intending to hike into Superstition Mountain to follow an old map her son was given by an elderly Apache before he died. Davis believes it's a treasure map. Convinced by a camping outfitter that they need a guide, Vala checks the list on the store's bulletin board, and finds one name crossed out. Perversely she reads it anyway. . Bram Hunter! Even though she left Phoenix with her family when she was sixteen, she's never forgotten him.

Which drives her to call the number listed.

Bram's planning to leave for a Caribbean vacation in a few days, but he remembers Vala. He has no intention of guiding anyone anywhere right now, but remembers one night long ago, and agrees to meet her.

"Mountain Moonlight. . .is a leisurely-paced, heart-warming story with intriguing mythological overtones." Teresa Roebuck

Golden Chances

Books We Love is happy to present the entire Seven Book Collection of the Golden Chances Saga in this one Collectible Omnibus.

Join Author Jane Toombs as she takes you back to a time shortly after Confederation and then, book by book, follow two powerful families in this fast moving dramatic saga about the people Spanish, Anglo, Mexican and Indian who struggled, fought, made mistakes, loved and survived to build America’s Golden State:

The Bastard – Book 1
The Interloper – Book 2
The Dancer – Book 3
The Rebel – Book 4
The Fixer – Book 5
The Deceiver – Book 6
The Wild Card – Book 7

Two powerful California Families
A Multi-Generational Saga from Confederation to the 20th Century
Don't miss
the Burwashs and the Gabaldons
The Truths, the Legends

"I started browsing through the first few pages of this book and soon found I couldn't put it down. This is the complete collection of Jane Toomb's Golden Chances series, which has seven books. I went from one book to the next and finished in just a couple of days. It's a family saga spanning generations, children are born and family members pass, with a healthy dose of romance and mystery. And I have to say, book seven has one of the most satisfying conclusions to a series I've ever read. I closed the book (okay, shut off my Kindle...) with a big smile on my face. I really enjoyed Golden Chances." ~5 Stars, Yankee Fan, Amazon Reader and Verified Purchase

"I loved this set of books. I spent most of two days reading them one after the other and could not put them down. I loved that it went thru several generations of the same families and how they all fit into the scheme of things around them. I so totally recommend this set of books to everyone. ENJOYED every page of it!!" ~ Donna Standish, Amazon Reader and Verified Purchase

Hallow House

A house built for love and cursed with death. Two children, one will live, one will die. Magic potions and secret rooms. Is there a curse or does evil reside with innocence. What is the real secret of Hallow House?

Thirteen West
Ever been inside a state psychiatric hospital?  That's an experience Sarah Goodrow Fenz had hoped never to repeat.  Years ago, as a young woman, she'd been a student nurse taking her psychiatric affiliation at the state hospital.  Now, matured and affluent enough, with an adult daughter by her side, Sarah is suddenly compelled to pick up a drunken derelict off the streets of San Diego and take him to a motel. Leaving her daughter standing speechless in the street, Sarah hails a cab, shoves the derelict inside and rides away.   
Compelling, horrifying and too real to ignore, Thirteen West.  Can love bloom in the midst of horror?

"It’s easy to see why author Jane Toombs has a backlist of bestsellers and remains one of the most cherished authors of our time. Mastering the art of building suspense while creating memorable characters, author Jane Toombs turns this novel into another respected work of literary genius. 

Having worked as a psych tech in psychiatric hospital, I can tell you with absolute certainty-Jane Toombs capitalized on her personal knowledge by writing a clever fiction novel her fans won’t soon forget.  Kudos to Jane Toombs. Once again, you blew me away. I’ll recommend Thirteen West for many years to come." ~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine

Deception's Bride

In America, English Donella survives the Indian attack that kills her widowed father by hiding in a rowboat under her father's green cloak. She's taken in by a Dutch family who rescues her, returning with them to Holland. Here she briefly meets an English cavalier who tries to speak to her. Hans, however, drags her away. The family emigrates to Formosa, taking her with them. Here, their son, Hans, who she doesn’t like at all, tricks her into marrying him.

Before the marriage can be consummated, Chinese pirates attack the island. She's rescued from both Hans and the pirates by the cavalier, now dressed as a common seaman and his American Indian friend, also a seaman. Further adventures include her falling in love with the cavalier/seaman as they trek through Formosa. But her troubles are far from over. Donella, though, is a survivor, unlike Hans. .
Ten Past Midnight

Six stories and three poems on the dark side of paranormal. Everything from ghouls to the heart-eating Egyptian beast who decides one's  fate.  Even the touches of romance are definitely different. But what traveler can expect the norm when on the wrong side of midnight? 

Ten past midnight
All's not well.
Every road leads right
to hell...






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