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The Provinces and Territories of Canada Books 1 - 12

Canadian Historical Brides


Each of the Canadian Historical Brides novels features one of the ten Canadian provinces and two of the novels feature the three Canadian Territories. These novels combine fact and fiction to tell the stories of the immigrant brides and grooms who came to Canada from diverse backgrounds to join in marriage and build the foundation of the free and welcoming country that is Canada.




Books We Love acknowledges the Government of Canada and the Canada Book Fund

for its financial support in creating the Canadian Historical Brides series.


Book 1 - Brides of Banff Springs (Alberta) - Vicki Chatham - January 2017

Book 2 - His Brother's Bride (Ontario) - Nancy Bell - March 2017

Book 3 - Romancing the Klondike (Yukon) - Joan Donaldson-Yarmey - May 2017

Book 4 - Barkerville Beginnings (British Columbia) - A.M. Westerling) - June 2017

Book 5 - Pillars of Avalon - (Newfoundland) - Katherine Pym and Jude Pittman - July  2017

Book 6 - Fields of Gold Beneath Prairie Skies (Saskatchewan) Suzanne deMontigny - September 2017

Book 7 - Landmark Roses - (Manitoba) - Marie Rafter and Margaret Kyle - November 2017

Book 8 - Fly Away Snow Goose (Nıts'ı̀t'ah Golika Xah) (Northwest Territories and Inuvik) Juliet Waldron and John Wisdomkeeper - December, 2017

Book 9 - On A Stormy Primeval Shore (New Brunswick) - Diane Scott Lewis and Nancy Bell January 2018

Book 10 - The Left Behind Bride (Nova Scotia) - Mahrie G. Reid - April 2018

Book 11 - Envy the Wind (Prince Edward Island) - Anita Davison and Victoria Chatham - May 2018

Book 12 - Where the River Narrows (Quebec) Kathy Fischer-Brown and Ron Crouch - July 1, 2018


January 2017 – Brides of Banff Springs (Alberta)  Author Victoria Chatham
In the Dirty Thirties jobs were hard to come by.  Having lost her father and her home in southern Alberta, Tilly McCormack is thrilled when her application for a position as a chambermaid at the prestigious Banff Springs Hotel, one of Canada’s great railway hotels, is accepted. Tilly loves her new life in the Rocky Mountain town and the people she meets there. Local trail guide Ryan Blake it quite taken with Tilly’s sparkling blue eyes and mischievous sense of humor.  His work with a guiding and outfitting company keeps him busy but he makes time for Tilly at every opportunity and he intends to make her his bride.  On the night he plans to propose to Tilly another bride-to-be, whose wedding is being held at the Hotel, disappears.
Tilly has an idea where she might have gone and together with Ryan sets out to search for her. Will they find the missing bride and will Tilly accept Ryan’s proposal?









March 2017 – His Brothers Bride (Ontario)  Author Nancy M. Bell
The youngest child of the local doctor and evangelical preacher, Annie Baldwin was expected to work hard and not protest. Life on a pioneer farm was tough so neighbors helped each other.  
George Richardson the underage Doctor Bernardo Boy, orphaned and shipped to Canada a few years earlier, is loaned to the Baldwins to help bring in the hay. Younger brother Peter Richardson was placed with another neighbor, so the brothers stayed in touch with each other. The Great War brought a lot of changes to life even in the back woods of Ontario. In spite of the differences in their social standing, George and Annie fell in love.  
When George departed for France they had an understanding and he promised to return to her when the war was over. Alas, fate had other ideas. After a long silence, Annie received the much anticipated letter. But it wasn’t from George, but from his brother, Peter. Also in the trenches of France. George was killed during the final push on August 8, 1918 at Marcelcave near Amiens. The two who loved him form a long distance bond via censored letters. When Peter is sent back to Canada, rather than return him to the east where he enlisted, he is discharged in Vancouver.  
Sick from mustard gas poisoning and penniless, Peter finds work at Fraser Mills. Once he could save enough money he planned to return to the small farm in the northern Ontario bush, but before he does, he sends Annie a box of chocolates in the mail. Inside the box he hid an engagement ring. Bound together by their love for George, they find solace in each other. Will it be enough to last?







May 2017 ~ Romancing the Klondike (Yukon) Author Joan Donaldson-Yarmey  
It is 1896 and nineteen-year-old Pearl Owens wants adventure just like her idols Anna Leonowens and Annie “Londonderry” Choen Kopchovsky. In the 1860s, Anna Leonowens taught the wives, concubines, and children of the King of Siam, while during the years 1894-1895, Annie “Londonderry” Choen Kopchovsky became the first woman to travel around the world on a bicycle. She was testing a woman’s ability to look after herself.
To fulfill her dream Pearl is on her to the Yukon River area with her cousin, Emma, to write articles and do illustrations about the woman and men who are looking for gold in the far north.
Sam Owens, Pearl’s cousin and Emma’s brother, has been searching for gold with two friends, Gordon and Donald, for five years without success. Gordon and Donald have decided their quest is futile and it is time to return home. But Sam wants to stay a while longer. Then they hear word of a new gold find on Rabbit Creek.
Over the next ten months, the lives of all five are changed due to love, gold, and tragedy.







June 2017 ~ Barkerville Beginnings (British Columbia) Author A.M. Westerling  
Faced with financial ruin and the loss of her good name, Rose Chadwick decides to make a new start for herself and her young daughter Hannah in the rough and tumble gold rush town of Barkerville, British Columbia. However, making a new life is not so easy when it’s built on lies. And, long suppressed emotions within her are stirred when she meets a handsome young Englishman.
Viscount Harrison St. John knows he’s expected to marry well to bolster his family fortunes. Instead, he leaves England to pursue riches in the gold fields of a frontier town in the far off wilds of Canada. Soured on love because of a betrayal by his former fiancé, Harrison resists the attraction he has for Rose. Particularly considering she appears to be a happily married woman with a daughter of her own.
Will dark secrets from Rose’s past keep them apart? Or will they find love, happiness and a new life together in the bustling town of Barkerville?   









July 2017 – Pillars of Avalon (Newfoundland) Authors Katherine Pym and Jude Pittman
David and Sara Kirke live in a time of upheaval under the reign of King Charles I who gives, then takes. He gives David the nod of approval to range up and down the French Canadian shores, burning colonies and pillaging ships that are loaded with goods meant for the French. When King Louis of France shouts his outrage, King Charles reneges. He takes David’s prizes and returns them to the French, putting David and his family in dire straits.  
Undeterred, David and Sara will not be denied. After years, the king relents. He knights David and grants him the Province of Avalon (Ferryland), a large tract of land on the southeast coast of Newfoundland. There David and Sara build a prosperous plantation. They trade fish and fish oil with English, Europeans, and New England colonists. They thrive while England is torn in two by the civil wars.  
Soon, these troubles engulf his family. David is carried in chains back to England to stand trial. He leaves Sara to manage the plantation, a daunting task but with a strength that defies a stalwart man, she digs in and prospers, becoming the first female entrepreneur of North America.







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