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John White is a barrister trapped in a disastrous marriage. In 1792, he breaks loose and strikes out for a new life over the sea, leaving Marianne and his children in England. As Upper Canada’s first Attorney-General, he confronts the conflicts of the early parliament. He pushes through a bill abolishing the import of slaves—long before Britain or America—and he fights to give Aboriginals justice in white man’s courts. He also establishes the Law Society of Upper Canada, still in existence today.


In this new world, John finds pleasure in the friendship of Eliza Russell, sister of Upper Canada’s Receiver-General. They support each other in times of tragedy and despair.  But John makes a grave mistake when he has an affair with Betsy Small, a woman of dubious reputation. Realizing his stupidity, John breaks off the affair and brings Marianne and his family over from England. But Betsy is a vindictive woman who insults his wife, and Betsy’s husband challenges John to a duel. At dawn on January 4, 1800, John takes his pistol and sets out to meet his opponent.


A moving story of a man who courageously faced down oppression only to face his own failings, told by an author whose elegant and clear-eyed prose never wavers. Ann Birch gives life to the heartbeats of history.– Barbara Kyle, author of The Traitor’s Daughter




On an evening in 1846 engaged couple Meg O’Connor and Rory Quinn join in an exuberant moondance.  Observing is the parish priest, Father Brian O’Malley.  The moondance brings bittersweet memories of Siobhan, the long-dead love of his youth, with whom he still feels a spiritual connection.  Within days of the dance, the villagers of Kelegeen awake to find their potato crops destroyed by blight.  They’ve been through famine before.  But this is an Gorta Mór, a monster the likes of which Ireland has never seen.

At first Meg and Rory devise ways to help provide for their families, Meg through her sewing, Rory with his wood carving.  But when tragedy and a costly mistake end those means of survival they turn to more dangerous ventures. 

Father O’Malley reluctantly teams up with an English doctor, Martin Parker, to alleviate Kelegeen’s suffering.

When Meg learns of ships carrying Irish passengers to a new life in America she is determined to go and bring Rory and their families after her.  It will take all her strength and courage along with the help of her beloved priest and the English doctor to make the plan succeed.



Editorial Review

A great head-strong and heart-fast heroine leads readers through a devastating chapter of Ireland’s history.  A beautiful tale of love, sacrifice, and survival.

—Eileen Charbonneau, Rita award winning author of Watch Over Me


Golden Girl

Most girls would jump at the opportunity to model a new cosmetics line, but not Lisa. The last thing she wants is to be the ‘face’ of Golden Girl, until she learns it’s the only way she can save the career of the man she loves.


All too soon she finds herself sucked into a web of jealousy and suspicion that threatens to tear her apart. Only the final wishes of a dying man give her the strength to continue, and by continuing she discovers she can do far more than she ever imagined.




 The Revenge

 Born deep in the forest, far from the herd, Damien is kept a dark secret by his parents until his father, Samuel, decides the colt must join the other foals to be initiated. But the unicorns are horrified by Damien’s birth defect. They see him as a freak despite his astonishing abilities. Then when a rival shoves Samuel over the edge of the canyon to his death, Damien’s talents turn deadly. Can anyone stop him before he destroys their world?