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About Eileen O'Finlan

I live in Holden, a town located in Central Massachusetts, very close to the city of Worcester.  I have lived here most of my life.  However, both of my parents are from Vermont and many of my relatives live there.  I dearly love Vermont and consider myself an “honorary Vermonter.”  I am 54, single, and the caretaker of my amazing 91 year old mom.  I also have two adorable cats (a Russian Blue named Smokey and a calico Maine Coon named Autumn Amelia.)   Books and cats are pretty much all I need to be happy!

I work full-time as an Administrative Assistant in the Tribunal Office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.  I also just started teaching online courses in theology for the University of Dayton, Ohio.  I have an undergraduate degree in history and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry.


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On an evening in 1846 engaged couple Meg O’Connor and Rory Quinn join in an exuberant moondance.  Observing is the parish priest, Father Brian O’Malley.  The moondance brings bittersweet memories of Siobhan, the long-dead love of his youth, with whom he still feels a spiritual connection.  Within days of the dance, the villagers of Kelegeen awake to find their potato crops destroyed by blight.  They’ve been through famine before.  But this is an Gorta Mór, a monster the likes of which Ireland has never seen.

At first Meg and Rory devise ways to help provide for their families, Meg through her sewing, Rory with his wood carving.  But when tragedy and a costly mistake end those means of survival they turn to more dangerous ventures. 

Father O’Malley reluctantly teams up with an English doctor, Martin Parker, to alleviate Kelegeen’s suffering.

When Meg learns of ships carrying Irish passengers to a new life in America she is determined to go and bring Rory and their families after her.  It will take all her strength and courage along with the help of her beloved priest and the English doctor to make the plan succeed.