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Gamel, the aging Sorcerer-Emperor of the powerful Nagualian Empire, plots to bring the entire continent of Coronis under his thumb. Magdalen, his beautiful young apprentice, has betrayed him by stealing an ancient amulet that endows the owner with total control over a host of FireDrakes. Setting their differences aside, they have cobbled together an alliance that includes the half-crazed swamp witch, Agilina, and her deadly army of were-beasts.


In order to break the back of this trio of evil, Wizard Aldus has enlisted the aid of the notorious Daemon Knights. To reach Magdalen’s lair, all they need to do is travel across the Empire, skirt Agilina’s domain and walk in the shadow of Drakenmount, home to the FireDrakes. All begins well, but halfway through Nagual the knights are abandoned by the wizard and left with only a crude map to guide them.


After a devastating battle with Imperial soldiers, Sir Rodney, a young inexperienced knight, finds himself elevated to the unwelcome position of leader. When faced with Magdalen’s fetch, a ghostly projection of her soul, he falls hopelessly in love. Haunted by visions of her in his dreams, torn between his duty and his feelings, Sir Rodney leads his fellow knights toward the final and ultimate confrontation.