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 A self-admitted romantic, Betty Ann Harris also enjoys a good spy story. Combining the two, her most favorite genre is romantic suspense.

Standing on the edge of danger, running away from the one she fears, and falling for the one who is trying to save her. This is the basic idea of her romantic suspense books. If you crave romance but love suspense, then you’ll enjoy her books.

It is her desire to keep readers involved in the story, to make them feel they are right there in the scene. She writes descriptively about and uses dramatic settings. She also loves keeping her reader’s attention by building suspense and throwing twists and turns in the plot. Hopefully, you’ll be on the edge of your seat!

She also enjoys delving into the world of romance and paranormal, because who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

Go ahead, get swept away!

For more information about Betty Ann's books please visit her website:

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