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 Born in her grandparent’s old miner’s cottage overlooking the River Tyne, June Gadsby’s life has been as interesting as any published saga. Leaving school at fifteen without qualifications of any kind, she pushed herself beyond the expectations of her family. Her teachers realised her talent as an artist, but were surprised when she announced, at the age of eight, that she intended to become an ‘author’.



More than once she heard the words of her strict, Victorian grandmother: “you’ll never make it…” Her mother thought that June’s writing was a ‘nice, but unsociable little hobby’. But June refused to lose sight of her ambition. On leaving school she started work as an office junior, taught herself shorthand and typing and became a secretary, eventually attaining one of the highest posts as Administrative Assistant [Executive Medical Secretary] at Newcastle University’s Medical School. It wasn’t until she wrote about her years of rejection for a Writer’s magazine that she was noticed by a literary agent.


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Struggling to save her marriage, which is becoming more and more abusive, artist Megan Peters does not expect to fall in love with another man. Callum Andrews is a world-famous musician who has been happily married to the same woman for 25 years.  When she is invited to paint the celebrity’s portrait, an affair is far from her mind, but her heart has other ideas. Callum, for his part, remains the perfect gentleman, apparently unaware of the younger woman’s feelings towards him. Keeping emotions at bay eventually becomes a fight for both of them, until a festive kiss and Fate takes over. They can no longer deny their true feelings. But what of Callum’s wife, Hilary, who dotes on her famous husband? This affair of theirs, if they allow it to progress, will hurt her deeply and neither Megan nor Callum want that for the charming woman who has sacrificed so much for her husband’s career. They decide to put an end to their relationship, but Fate intervenes again in a most unexpected way. Then secrets emerge…