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Barbara Baldwin  was born in California and now resides in the midwest. She loves to travel and explore new places, which usually means each of her novels is set in a different locale. She has been published in formats from poetry and short stories to full-length fiction. She wrote and co-produced a documentary on state history which won state and national awards, but she really loves writing romance, whether it be contemporary, historical or time travel. Just for fun, each year she writes a Christmas short story for family and friends—some heartfelt and others whimsical – but always a gift from her heart. She has an MA in Communication, has taught at the college level and has made over 100 presentations at state and national conferences. She also loves to create art through pottery and fused glass, candles, baskets and quilts.










Canadian Publisher, BWL Publishing Inc. is a traditional, royalty paying, digital and print publisher of discriminating genre fiction. 

Our authors are experienced, previously published professionals with solid back lists


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We accept traditionally published authors with backlists as well as new Works in adult and young adult genre fiction.


Unfortunately we must concentrate our editing resources on authors with experience in publishing and for this reason we do not accept submissions from previously unpublished authors.


To submit your query letter, including a brief description of your experience and previously published Works (a brief paragraph introducing the genre of your manuscript and your main characters as well as a short summary) send this by email (with no attachments) to our marketing manager, Nancy M. Bell, books we love

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