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Books We Love romance author Kat Attalla

Like most authors, I didn't start out as a writer, but rather as a reader. My passion for romance novels began in my late teens and left me with an itch to discover the world. After living in places as culturally diverse as Athens, Greece and Cairo, Egypt (where I met and married my own romantic hero) we returned to the states.  From a very young age, I showed an aptitude for telling stories. Of course my mother called me a pathological liar, but I prefer to think back on those days as an apprenticeship for my future craft.

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The Prodigal Prince
Married to A Prince Series

He is no Prince Charming.

With seven older brothers, Rashid Mansour Khalid, black sheep of the ruling family of Touzar will never ascend to the throne. Just as well because the former mercenary has no interest in a royal life. After four years in Afghanistan, he moves to Boston and provides private security to diplomats. His new client-- the king of neighboring Nadiar. Assignment-- provide security for Princess Mona. The catch-- don't let her know she is being protected while she attends graduate school in Boston.

She is not your average Princess.

Mona A’Del Sharif led a sheltered existence. She wants to finish her education in The States while having a typical American experience; sharing an apartment with roommates and working a part-time job. However, she isn’t looking for romance, especially from a sexy alpha-male like Rashid. He insists that because they share similar cultures that he will watch over her.

When a romantic relationship develops, Mona battles with her conscience. She knows what is expected of her as a Nadiarian princess and it does not include losing her heart and soul to a working class man. Falling for the client wasn’t part of Rashid’s plan either. But will she be relieved or shattered when she learns he hasn’t been honest about who and what he is?

An Inconvenient Marriage
Married to A Prince Series

Prince Samir A’Del Sharif is a sexy, sarcastic, bad boy and more trouble than ultraconservative Delilah Jordan has ever known.

When she was a child,  Delilah Jordan’s Nariarian father signed a marriage contract from his deathbed to ensure his daughter’s future. Her outraged American mother whisks her back to the states and never says a word. Years later she discovers that the contract was never dissolved. Shocked, but sure her husband will not want to be married either she set out for Nadiar to end her inconvenient marriage. She doesn't count on her attraction to her husband.

Prince Samir A’Del Sharif  is also stunned to discover that the marriage is still valid. The last thing the cynical playboy wants is a wife-- even if she is a sensual beauty.  Honor bound by a promise made to her hero-father, he cannot give her the quiet divorce she seeks. If she convinces her family to allow him out of the arrangement he will grant her request. But after waiting twenty years for the return of her granddaughter the matriarch of the family will never agree to anything that takes Delilah away from them again.

As they work tirelessly to prove just how unsuited they are they keep stumbling over their undeniable attraction. But can the inconvenient marriage turn into a lifetime of love?


A Marriage of Convenience
Married to A Prince Series

With oil wells springing up like weeds and the Bedouins getting restless, what's a modern Nadiarian prince to do?

Before he can deal with domestic issues Prince Yousef A’del Sharif must deal with the arrival if his college sweetheart, Honor McPherson. Their passionate affair lasted through his year of graduate school at Harvard. But when it came time to return to the oil-rich nation, Honor wasn’t ready to follow. He took her reluctance for rejection and they parted ways.

One year later Honor hesitantly touches down in Nadiar to be with her ailing father, who works for the royal family. And she has reason to be nervous. Yousef left her with more than a broken heart. She has his son. Yousef is livid and wants revenge. But to insure his parental rights with the child, he must instead convince her to marry him by any means necessary.

But can he win over her heart when he played on her deepest fears to make her stay?
Promises Remembered

He is haunted by a mistake he can’t forget.

In Ryan McKenna’s rookie year on the police force, he made an error in judgment that nearly cost a teenaged girl her life. He quit the force, spent half a decade living life from the bottom of a bottle and trying to forget the past. Eventually he sobered up, became a private investigator and worked to build a successful security business. But through the years he never forgot the girl with the China Blue eyes.

She is haunted by a past she can’t remember.

When she was fifteen, Kayla woke from a coma with no recollection of the brutal attack that had landed her in the hospital. After three years in a state orphanage, she went to a community college in Upstate New York and never returned to the City. She supports herself as an artist but her troubling images reflect the awful memories locked in her mind.

Together, they must work to unlock the past.

When the man who attacked Kayla is released from prison, Ryan tracks her down to warn her. But Kayla still suffers from amnesia. To keep her safe, he insinuates himself into her life. But he didn’t count on the passionate attraction between them.

Previously published as China Blue
"Finally, an amnesia story told where the victim has chosen to move on with their life and to embrace the world she knows. A great read. In his early years on the force, Ryan makes a mistake that he has now lived with for ten years. Now that the prisoner has been paroled, Ryan feels he needs to watch over the victim. Only she has amnesia, doesn't remember him, doesn't remember the evening her life changed, and doesn't remember anything of that life. A fast a easy read. So good to read a Kat Attalla book again." ~ 5 Stars, K, Amazon

"I love all of Kat Attalla's books, but Promises Remembered is exceptional. Heartfelt and deeply emotional -- I could not put it down" ~ 5 Stars, Elf, Amazon Verified Purchase
Kat Attalla Special Edition

Contains three full length novels:
Codename: Romeo, Murphy's Law and Homeward Bound

"Ms. Attalla writes in such a way that the characters are real. They blend with each other so naturally that their relationship is innate. (In Codename: Romeo) Erik and Victoria complete each other. I look forward to reading more books by Ms. Attalla." ~ Kim N. of Fallen Angel Reviews gave it 5 Angels
Caitlin's Choice 

On the eve of a yearlong transfer to Singapore, fabric designer Caitlin Adams threw caution to the wind. Spending a soulful night in the arms of sexy Andrew Sinclair made her want to put hard-won cynicism aside and believe in dreams of a future together. Until she discovered Andrew had lied to her about their chance encounter. A year later, only her cherished baby's face was a reminder of the man she was still trying to forget.

Falling for a spirited woman like Caitlin was the last thing hard-headed businessman Andrew Sinclair meant to do, especially after she'd stormed out of his hotel room before he could explain himself. Now she's back in The States, and he's determined to be a father to their child, even if it means filing a custody suit to get her attention.

Desperate to avoid a legal battle, Caitlin’s only choice is to agree to live in his house for six months-time enough for him to bond with his son. But Andrew is about to learn that love can't be negotiated
unless he's willing to make his heart part of the bargain.

Previously published as Baby Bargain

"A really sweet and funny love story. I could read more like this." ~ 5 Stars, Patricia Maki

This was a very good story . I Love the characters in this book, it had me unable to put the book down." ~ 5 Stars, Eunice Pryor

Pandora's Box

Can a blazing new love chase away dark secrets?

Abandoned to foster homes as a child, beautiful Charlotte "Charlie" Lawson is steel and velvet on the outside, but on the inside, she's vulnerable and lonely. Even though, deep down, she longs for romance, Charlie decided long ago that she wouldn't give anyone a chance to hurt her again...until sexy, compassionate Damian Westfield makes her believe she can let down her guard.

Everything about Charlie haunts Damian, including her mysterious friendship to his half-brother. It isn't long before Damian's search for the truth opens up Pandora’s Box and he uncovers his family's hidden past. The revelations bring him closer to Charlie. But an act of betrayal will soon force the woman he loves to choose between revenge against the people who hurt her...and trusting him with her heart.

Previously published as Worth the Wait

"This is the finest category romance I have ever read. The heroine is a beautiful young woman haunted by her sad childhood in foster homes. The hero is a workaholic businessman who meets her through their half-brother and becomes utterly enchanted with her. The story of how they overcome secrets from the past and their present fears is truly wonderful. You will love this book!" ~ 5 Stars, ERV

"A sensual and moving story about a woman overcoming her past and the to-die-for hero who not only captures her heart, but works hard to keep it. Damian is every woman's dream. Don't miss this story!" ~ 5 Stars, Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips
Sex and Key Lime Pie

Cheyanne Dupree, European trained chef, has a recipe for everything, except happiness. A decade earlier, she inherited a fortune but lost Luc Allesandro, the rightful heir to the family estate and the love of her life. She returns to her childhood home for her tenth high school reunion and attempts to clear out the ghosts that haunt her.

Luc has spent the past few years trying to forget Cheyanne. His company has become profitable, and he doesn’t need reminders of his past interfering with his future. As far as he is concerned, she made her choice when she took the money and walked away.

Luc is not ready to forgive, but Cheyanne won't let him go until he hears the truth. A truth that will change both their lives forever.

"If you're in the mood for an emotional story guaranteed to tug at your heart, make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry, then this is a book you don't want to pass up." ~ Long and Short Reviews.
Guarding Kelsey

When an independent, blue-blooded heiress is placed in protective custody with a controlling, blue collar cop, the sparks fly.

Detective Wolf Krieger blames himself for his partner’s death. If he had followed procedure and called for back up instead of following his over-eager partner into a dangerous situation, Mark might still be alive. Since then, Wolf has trusted nobody: Not his new partner and certainly not himself.

Remaining a loner allows him to keep his edge while working as a homicide detective. He doesn’t want to be responsible to another person. His captain, however thinks he is a loose cannon. In an effort to reign Wolf in, he is assigned the job of protecting a society woman who has recieved death threats after witnessing a gangland murder. He should be on the streets investigating, not stuck in some penthouse, babysitting a witness. Especially one with brains, beauty and a body that could tempt a saint onto the road to sin. He is no saint, but he is immune. Or, so he thinks.

Kelsey Winston is not your average heiress. In fact, she would trade all her wealth for one more day with her father, the only decent man on earth, who died in an apparent accident three months earlier. A short and very bitter marriage to a violent man shattered her opinion of the male species. Her master’s thesis work in the study of domestic violence hasn’t helped to improve that conclusion. And the dark, brooding detective who is assigned to protect her when threats are made against her life, is not likely to change her point of view.

Wolf is determined to keep a cool distance from the elegant beauty despite an undeniable attraction. Her defiant attitude with him fosters his belief that she is a spoiled princess, unconcerned about the danger her willful actions can cause to herself and others. His assignment is to keep her safe, and he will do his job his way, whether she likes it or not.

"This book caught my interest right from the first paragraph. Romance, mystery, humor all wrapped into one. Fast paced, never stopped with suprising twists along the way.Look forward to reading other books by this author." ~ 5 Stars, Carol Butti, Amazon Reader and Verified Purchase

"I loved this book. The tension between the hero and heroine was sizzling. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of romance but this book was definitely an exception. Will definitely look into more by this author." ~ 5 Stars, Herrorouge, Amazon Reader

Hawk's Haven  

Everyone in town knows wealthy Gillian Hughes is a spoiled daddy's girl.  When she's arrested after staging a public protest to a social injustice, no one is more surprised than Hawk Carter.  Is there more to the society princess than meets the eye?  The young lawyer would just as soon not find out.  But Gillian's been sentenced to community service on the local Indian reservation and her doting dad has elected Hawk to keep an eye on the errant heiress. 

Gillian vows that no one will ever control her again.  Not her father, not the judge, and certainly not a hunky Native American attorney whose Harvard education and imported suits surely mean he's turned his back on his proud heritage.  But Gillian soon suspects that Hawk might not be a shallow social climber after all.  Unless she's mistaken, he really does care deeply about his people, his career -- maybe even about Gillian herself.

Previously published as Class Action

"Gillian is a spunky and defiant heroine, who often said things that made me laugh. This was a quick light read that I was almost sorry to finish." ~ 4 Stars, Readingrobin, Goodreads

"I have a new favorite book. The story is very contemporary and well told, never long or boring in places where you want to skip ahead just to find out what happens next. A "must read" on your book list. No regrets" ~ 5 Stars, Troldilocks, Amazon

Homeward Bound

On stage she is Leather, a Rock'n'Roll fantasy. Her music dominates the charts, while the "Queen of Flash" struts across the concert stages. She is a tease, a shameless flirt--and a glittering illusion. Kate Costello has had enough of the music scene. She takes off for New Mexico in search of the anonymity she'd bargained away for fame.

Jake Callahan is a single father. A decade ago his wife left the farm, leaving him to raise his daughter. He spent his savings bailing out his wild twin brother and is now facing cash-flow problems. Renting out the empty house on his property seems like an ideal solution until he sees the woman who answers the advertisement. Jake doesn't want the reclusive millionaire renting the house on his farm. But he has a teenager to deal with and bills to pay.

And now--a sexy tenant he can't seem to ignore.

Sparks fly between the cowboy and the rocker who believe they have nothing in common except a menagerie of goodhearted matchmakers determined to prove they'll make beautiful music together.

"I enjoyed reading this book. It was a romance that built over time and had lots of layers to it. It flowed well and was steady all the way to the end. I enjoyed the author's writing and will be checking out more of her books. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a great romance." ~ 5 Stars, Amy's Book World
Codename: Romeo

Victoria Jansen, card carrying MENSA member, can write a book about Quantum Physics—but get her around a handsome man and Charlie Chaplin looks graceful compared to her. She’s determined to break out of her shell, though, and she’s going to start with the sexy plumber in her basement.

Erik Sanders doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Victoria is trouble. The physicist has the mind of a computer and the body of a centerfold model—too bad she’s also the prime suspect in his industrial espionage case. Working undercover as a plumber will get him the evidence he needs to close this case.

Once he realizes his prime suspect is an innocent pawn, he must protect her until the real criminals are brought to justice. And as her bodyguard, Erik finds himself guarding her body more closely than he should. Suddenly scientific principals like chemistry and forces of nature are taking on a whole new meaning.

"A heart-warming, exciting, and at times funny tale of love and thrills." ~ Lovely Butterfly of Cocktail Reviews gave it 5 Flutes.

"Ms. Attalla writes in such a way that the characters are real. They blend with each other so naturally that their relationship is innate. Erik and Victoria complete each other. I look forward to reading more books by Ms. Attalla." ~ Kim N. of Fallen Angel Reviews gave it 5 Angels

Murphy’s Law  

Fear and intimidation work.  Ask Customs Agent Jack Murphy.  He uses both to hunt felons.  But instinct and experience fail when he sets out to retrieve Lilly McGrath-- a blonde bombshell who is either a willing participant or an innocent pawn in her boss's smuggling scam.  Until Jack knows which, she's just another suspect. . Now he just needs to get his hormones in sync with his head.  

While working as an export clerk Lilly, stumbled upon her boss's illegal activities. After an attempt on her life, she flees to Europe to hide. Living on credit cards and her wits, she is constantly on the move—but no matter where she runs, she can’t lose the dangerously handsome stranger following her across the continent. In Genoa, Italy , her credit limit and luck finally run out.    

Once Jack grabs Lilly, Murphy’s Law dogs them at every turn.  Someone is determined to see that Lilly never makes it back to the States to testify. The distrustful couple must learn to rely on each other if they are to survive. And for Lilly that means surrendering to a man who both infuriates and excites her.

"I really enjoyed MURPHY'S LAW.  Kat Attalla has penned an exciting, fast-paced read that I couldn't put down.  Brilliant!" ~ Cocktail Reviews

"MURPHY’S LAW was wonderful. Ms. Attalla proves to be a spectacular romantic suspense author. MURPHY’S LAW is so full of twists and turns, you end up wondering just who can be trusted and who can’t." ~ Dark Angel Reviews  

"Kat Attalla has written a fast-paced suspense thriller that will hold the reader's attention throughout this enticing tale. I highly recommend Murphy’s Law. It is well worth the read." ~ Night Owl Reviews

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