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Books We Love is a quality Canadian publisher of genre fiction written by Canadian, American and International authors.  We publish best-selling genre fiction, including historical fiction, romance in all its forms (suspense, paranormal, historical, fantasy, futuristic, contemporary), mystery, suspense, thrillers, fantasy, paranormal, young adult, science fiction, western and more.  It is our intentions to introduce the Canadian and World marketplace to the best in genre fiction written by authors with years of experience and mastery of their craft.  Books We Love wants to be known as a publisher of exciting, adventurous, entertaining and informative fiction. We want to tell you the stories of today as well as the stories of yesterday and tomorrow, We write "Books We Love to Write for Readers Who Love to Read".   


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The Books We Love Insider Blog has gained a wide reputation as an informative and fun to read informational blog.  Each of our authors takes a turn posting articles to the Blog.  On the Insider Blog, you will find stories, personal and human interest articles, bits of writing gossip, reports from the authors about the research they have done in their quest to complete their books.  There are lots of interesting side notes, description of favorite hobbies, how to and who to directions on various sites, as well a stories about the people and animals our authors have encountered during the pursuit of their writing dreams.  Books We Love authors are multi-talented members of the literary community.  In addition to being writers our authors are educators, scientists, media personalities and professionals from all walks of life, and all of them are happy to answer your questions and share their expertise. To visit the Books We Love Insider blog, click the Blog banner above.





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                    Ginger Simpson


My name is Ginger Simpson and I'm proud to be part of Books We Love.  Although I've written cross genres, mainly to prove I could, I love historical westerns, and I've written several of them.  I think I'll stick to the genre closest to my heart because as a pantser, the old west characters who pop into my head come with all the information I need.  Of course, because credibility is important to me, I do research language and other issues I may question, but I truly love my hero or heroine's anxiousness to share their tales with me.  They tell me a story and I SHOW you a novel.


I have several works-in-progress, but I just turned seventy.  I guess my ability to complete them is in the hands of the Lord. I keep praying for a long and productive life because I have so much more to share. Hard to believe I started this journey before I retired from the University of California, Davis and that was almost twenty years ago.  I wouldn’t change a thing because every decision I’ve made has brought me where and who I am today.

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